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Confirmed hygiene safety – The Dr. Weigert biocontrol sets

23. April 2018
Confirmed hygiene safety – The Dr. Weigert biocontrol sets When it comes to hygiene safety, there are high demands e.g. on catering businesses or on food producers. These are laid down e.g. for commercial dishwashing in the DIN Standards 10510 and 10512. To check the parameters for achieving the hygienic requirements, Dr. Weigert offers a safe and easy-to-handle option for the routine checking of hygienic work methods and hygiene standards on site with its biocontrol sets.

The analysis is carried out on site by the responsible field worker and is part of the all-round customer service. This systematic service at Dr. Weigert not only means intensive and continuous care in terms of cleaning, but also in terms of hygiene standards. Regular microbiological examinations monitor and document compliance with the hygiene requirements, which is the prerequisite for a smooth process in food companies with maximum food safety.

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The Dr. Weigert biocontrol sets are available for checking the following areas:
- Multi-tank conveyor-type dishwashers
- Single-tank dishwashers
- Crate washers
- Surfaces which come into contact with food
- Trolley washers
- Surfaces in production areas