neodisher neomoscan

neoform Active

Disinfecting cleaner, granulate

  • bactericidal
  • mycobactericidal
  • fungicidal
  • virucidal
  • sporicidal

Peracetic acid based disinfecting cleaner for surfaces in the medical and laboratory sectors as well as in old people’s homes. Wide activity spectrum, even with short contact times. Good cleaning performance, no protein fixation, excellent material compatibility. Coated granulate – low dust, easily soluble. VAH1 listed, included in the IHO[2] disinfectant list.

  1. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use. [1] Verbund für Angewandte Hygiene [Association of Applied Hygiene, Germany] [2] Industrieverband Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz [Industry Association Surface Protection and Hygiene, Germany]
Virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, limited spectrum virucidal activity and virucidal activity; also including effectiveness against coronavirus.
Container Content Item no.
Buckets 4 x 2 kg 4471 81
Sachets 40 x 50 g 4471 75

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