neosan Dip

teat disinfectant, ready-for-use-solution for dipping

    Powerful, fast-acting veterinary pharmaceutical product on the basis of povidone-iodine (PVP-iodine) for teat disinfection and mastitis prophylaxis, ideal for dipping the teats into teat cups, also suitable for spraying. Our expertise your advantage: Effective against all kinds of mastitis pathogens - confirmed by EN 1656 Ideal for regular mastitis prophylaxis. Contains 3,000 ppm povidone-iodine (PVP-Iodine). Proven, safe agent with good skin compatibility. Contains allantoin and glycerin Effective wound healing and soothing, cares and moisturizes - keeps the teats smooth, supple and improves their resistance. BVL Zul. No .: 400.630.00.00 FiBL resource list *

        1. * FiBL resource list: Listed in the current resource list for organic farming in Germany (2014)
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        Drum200 L 1602 13

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