Chlorhexidin neosan Spray

teat disinfectant, ready to use solution for spraying

    Highly effective, fast-acting veterinary pharmaceutical product based on chlorhexidine. Suitable for teat disinfection and mastitis prophylaxis, for spraying on the teat as well as dipping the teat into it. Particularly suitable for use in automated spray systems. Effective against all kinds of mastitis pathogens, confirmed by EN 1656. Ideal for regular mastitis prophylaxis. Authorized as veterinary pharmaceutical product. Contains 3,500 ppm chlorhexidine. Iodine-free product with reliable long-lasting effect. Contains glycerine. Caring and moisturizing, effective re-lubrication of the skin. Keeps the teat smooth, supple and improves its resistance.

      ContainerContentItem no.
      Drum200 L 1613 13
      Canister25 L 1613 22

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