neodisher neomoscan

neomoscan® CP plus 560

Cleaning enhancer, liquid concentrate

  • Based on complexing agents and surfactants

For enhancing the cleaning action of alkaline cleaning solutions, also usable as stand-alone cleaning agent. Excellent cleaning action against stubborn fatty, oily and protein-containing soiling. Highly complexing and dispersing action for a good dirt-carrying ability. Foam-free from 40 °C onwards. For automated CIP processes and circulation processes as well as for the cleaning of small and detachable parts in washers.

  1. Please observe the specific application parameters and information on material compatibility before using the product. This information can be obtained from the resp. product data sheet at under the category ‚ Service‘.
  • neomoscan® CP plus 560
Container Content Item no.
Drum 200 kg 1018 14
Canister 21 kg 1018 26

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