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Best Practice: Reprocessing of Endoscopes - the summer issue of endoNEWS is here!

Why is the correct water quality so important in the reprocessing of endoscopes? We addressed this question in a webinar on 14 April 2021 in tandem with the German Society of Endoscopy Nurses and Associates (DEGEA) and other experts. Valuable information and experiences relating to water quality and requirements were shared here, along with useful practical advice on monitoring water quality with specific reference to the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. We have provided a summary of some of the most interesting questions and answers on pages 1–2.
Hand disinfection is a crucial part of the reprocessing of endoscopes. Gloves alone do not provide full protection. Safe reprocessing is ensured only with the right blend of hand disinfection, gloves and correct handling of the endoscopes. With the help of Professor Günter Kampf, we describe a few scenarios step by step on pages 3–4.

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