Medical & Laboratory Technology

Hygiene in the medical sector

No other sector is as sensitive to hygiene matters as the medical sector. And this is the field in which Dr. Weigert is most committed to setting global standards for top hygiene.

Kitchen Hygiene

Perfect kitchen hygiene

Hygiene plays an enormous role in professional kitchens. Whether it’s automated dishwashing systems or kitchen and staff hygiene, only a partner which shines with its high-performance products and provides the right expertise can assure safety.

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food

A safe cleaning and disinfection of the production paths

Whether in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the dairy industry, the beverage and food industries - without a safe cleaning and disinfection of the production paths, high quality and durability are just as little achieved as compliance with regulatory requirements and legal provisions.

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sustainably qualified! To supplement our ISO 14001 environmental audit and based on multiple requests from clients, Dr. Weigert has formed a…

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