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Application Engineering

In practice, the added value of collaboration with a manufacturer of cleaning agents and disinfectants is often apparent in their problem-solving expertise. At Dr. Weigert, this collaboration is mainly handled by the Application Engineering department. It acts as a key interface between Dr. Weigert’s expertise and our customers’ requirements.

For instance, Application Engineering supports both customers and our specialist consultants when they encounter particularly difficult and complex problems. Application Engineering handles all aspects in an exemplary way so that other customers can also benefit from its knowledge in future. This precise and painstaking work is also worthwhile for our customers because a quick solution is invariably not a lasting one.

A practical example from the medical sector

Discolorations are visible on surgical instruments after automated reprocessing in cleaning and disinfection machines.

The seemingly reasonable assumption that this involves organic residue caused by inadequate cleaning proves to be incorrect. After a rigorous examination, the anomalies prove to be corrosion, probably caused by saline solution that is normally used for operations.

Simply increasing the cleaning-agent dosage would not have solved the problem. Indeed, would actually have been counterproductive.

A practical example from kitchen hygiene

Layers have suddenly formed on glasses at a crockery hire firm.

Cleaning in a conveyor-belt dishwasher had been performed successfully for many years. Extensive examinations then showed that organic layers remained on the glasses. However, this was due to the quality of the supply water rather than inadequate cleaning or any residue related to the rinse agent that was used. After thorough cleaning of the storage tank downstream of the reverse osmosis system, which showed distinct biofilm formation, rinsing results were as outstanding as before.

Dr. Weigert’s Application Engineering department boasts outstanding communication skills as well as technical expertise. In addition to communicating the customer’s view internally, Application Engineering also conveys suggestions and solutions from Dr. Weigert to our customers. This naturally includes the transfer of expertise in the form of customer training sessions and presentations at conferences.

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