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Dr. Weigert – Systematic Hygiene



Company established by Dr. Walter Weigert.

Discovery of bleaching solution (“Dr. Weigert’s Bleichessenz”) as a liquid product for laundry bleach. Supplying major laundries in Hamburg.

»The important thing is not what we can manufacture, but what advantage our customers can derive from that.«
Dr. Walter Weigert

Dr. Weigert founded his chemical factory in 1912, he coined the company’s basic principle, which still holds true today.


Activities extended to supplying basket manufacturers with “Dr. Weigert´s Bleichessenz” and developing a further special alkaline bleaching agent, “Veloxiol Duplex”, for manufacturing buttons.

Development of the first liquid alkaline cleaner and disinfectant for butter producers in dairies with the name neomoscan®.

Expansion of sales of products for the dairy industry.


Company re-established after the suspension of business activities during the war.


Development of suitable cleaners and the first acid rinse aid for use in dishwashers, which were new at that time.

World­wide protection of the registered trade mark neodisher®.

Introduction of neomoscan® M liquid to the market, the first and still the dominant liquid active ­chlorine product for the combined cleaning and disinfection of milking and milk­cooling systems.


Dispatch of chlorine bleach solution in glass carboys


Development of the first phosphoric acid cleaners for the food industry under the registered trade mark niroklar®.

Expansion of the field of automated cleaning of laboratory glassware and medical instruments in close co­operation with the machine manufacturers.


Focus on of the growth strategy on the expansion of the neodisher® range of applications in professionall kitchens with the emphasis on automated warewashing.


Introduction to the market of the liquid cleaner neodisher® Alka 400 W for dishwashers.

Development of the neodisher® alkaline component process for automatic warewashing.

Development of doscan® F 85, the first additive for industrial high­speed bottle cleaning with biodegradable antifoam system.

neodisher® MediClean One of many product innovations from Dr. Weigert


Establishment of Dr. Weigert’s French branch.


Development of pH neutral, non­corrosive detergents for automatic warewashing and
cleaning surgical instruments.


Establishment of Dr. Weigert’s Austrian branch.


Establishment of Dr. Weigert’s Polish branch.


Establishment of Dr. Weigert’s Hungarian branch.


Establishment of Dr. Weigert’s branch in the Netherlands.
Introduction to the market of the “neodisher® 3Clean concept” for the automated cleaning of medical devices.
Introduction to the market of “neomoscan® compact”, the surfactant-­free hygiene concept for the beverage industry.


Completion of the new administration building in Hamburg

Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert today


Establishment of the subsidiary Dr. Weigert UK


Establishment of the subsidiary Dr. Weigert Spain


Renovation and expansion of the laboratory area


Purchase of Mühlenhagen 86, which houses the dosing technology department and new meeting rooms.



Dr. Weigert celebrates its centenary


Dr. Weigert Switzerland subsidiary established