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The global challenges in the form of climate change, scarcity of water and resources and adequate provision of food and energy are clear. So it’s hardly surprising that our thinking and our actions are increasingly focused on the concept of sustainability, which chiefly involves the preservation and regeneration capacity of our environment as well as our social and economic systems.

Dr. Weigert firmly believes that we as a company need to play our part in achieving this task, and that we are ideally equipped to do this. As a company that has been a fixture in the hygiene sector for over 100 years, Dr. Weigert knows from experience that long-term success can be achieved only by thinking and acting in a sustainable way. At Dr. Weigert, growth has always been a matter of quality before quantity. To us, quality and the associated values such as dedication, continuity and soundness are the essential conditions for practicing sustainability.

Sustainability in environmental protection and the assumption of social responsibility mean much more to us than implementing isolated individual measures:
At Dr. Weigert, developing and providing sustainable hygiene solutions means finding the balance between safety, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. This includes the entire supply chain, from raw materials to packaging material procurement, and also ranges from the development of eco-certified products and environmentally sound production beyond the requirements of current legislation to application and metering-related solutions for our customers, to name but a few aspects.
In the same way, we regard our social commitment as more than just occasional help or a passing fad. Instead, we see it as continuous support that aims to secure the ongoing existence and success of the aid projects concerned. In the same vein, the long service of Dr. Weigert employees is rooted in an integrative corporate culture that fosters and embraces the talents and wishes of the company’s staff.

And finally, we firmly believe that long-term customer relationships can only be the result of long-term thinking and long-term commitment. Put us to the test.

The Dr. Weigert company brochure

The Dr. Weigert company brochure
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