neodisher neomoscan
  • neodisher IP Spray

    For the selective, manual lubrication of hinged instruments after automated…

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  • neodisher MediClean Dental

    Effectively removes residues of blood and protein. Very gentle on material. Also…

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  • neodisher Septo Fin

    For use in immersion baths or ultrasonic baths. Free of formaldehyde and…

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  • neodisher Septo MED

    Free of aldehydes. With cleaning action. For use in immersion baths or…

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  • neodisher Septo Plus

    For the manual cleaning and disinfection as well as for the disinfecting…

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  • neodisher Z Dental

    Neutralises carried over alkali residues during automated reprocessing of dental…

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  • triformin care

    For handcare after work and during breaks. Excellent skin-tolerance,…

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  • triformin wash

    For gentle cleaning of hand and body. Excellent skin tolerance, dermatologically…

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