neodisher neomoscan
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  • Application Recommendations for the Brewing Industry

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  • Application Recommendations for the Dairy Industry

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  • Application Recommendations for the Meat, Fish and Delicatessen Industry

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  • Automated Cleaning of Animal Cages and Accessories

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  • Dosing technology and plant engineering - We offer the best mix! Solutions and planning concepts.

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  • For the Automated Cleaning of Conventional Ovens - neodisher CombiClean / CombiDry

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  • Gentle Cleaning for Highly Valuable Moulds

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  • neodisher – for maximum Hygiene Safety. Reprocessing of Bedpans and Urine Bottles.

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  • neodisher BioClean - The new liquid detergent for automated dishwashing in professional kitchens.

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  • neodisher endo CLEAN und neodisher endo SEPT GA - Perfect Automated Cleaning and Disinfection in Washer-Disinfectors.

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  • neodisher endo DIS active - Manual Disinfecting Cleaning and Manual Disinfection of Flexible Endoscopes.

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  • neodisher in the professional kitchen – our arguments are sure to persuade you!

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  • neodisher MultiZym - Multi-enzymatic detergent for reprocessing thermostable and thermolabile instruments.

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  • neodisher PreStop - Corrosion Inhibitor for the Pre-Treatment of Surgical Instruments.

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  • neodisher Septo Fin - Disinfectant for the manual reprocessing of thermostable und thermolabile instruments.

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  • neoform K plus, neoform K Spray - Cleaning and Disinfection of Surfaces and Equipment in the Area of Food Processing

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  • neomoscan G 15 - the New Performance of Liquid Conveyor Systems Lubrication

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  • Our Product Range. Cleaning and Disinfection of Medical Devices.

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  • Our Product Range. Products and Systems for Kitchen Hygiene.

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  • Our Product Range. Safe Reprocessing of flexible Endoscopes.

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  • Przyszłość w centrum uwagi.

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  • The safe decision: 10 reasons to trust in Dr. Weigert.

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  • triformin - Cleansing, Care and Protection for the Skin.

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  • triformin safeDIS -Personal Hygiene in the Food Industry. Hand Disinfection

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  • weigomatic endoDOS - Automated Reprocessing of Endoscopes. The Dosing System

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  • weigomatic identSYSTEM - Product Identification. Safety and Data Transfer

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