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Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Research & Development

The development of innovations and new products for application in medical and laboratory technology, the professional kitchen sector and the pharmaceutical and food industries is essential if we are to keep on providing our customers with the best possible cleaning and disinfection solutions. A highly qualified team in the “Research and Development” department handles the specialised tasks, working closely together on all key aspects.

The requirements are wide-ranging and complex. Innovative new formulas need to be developed, while existing ones must be improved and adapted. In addition to cleaning performance, material compatibility and material conservation must also be taken into account when developing a product. Ultimately, it is essential to minimise the hazard potential of formulas and constantly step up the use of sustainable, environmentally sound raw materials.

To achieve this aim, as well as having a highly qualified department, Dr. Weigert also possesses a state-of-the-art laboratory, giving the team every opportunity to formulate, evaluate and finalise formulas. A fully equipped rinsing plant is also available. The machines installed there are used to perform practical cleaning and application processes.

Many successful new developments show that as well as meeting customers’ requests and market requirements in a target-oriented manner, the “Research and Development” department has often started new trends in the market. This is an incentive for Dr. Weigert to keep on investing in technical equipment and well-trained staff.

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