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Dosing Technology Solutions for Professional Kitchens

Modern dosing systems with data recording for the automatic supply of dishwashers with detergents are prerequisites lasting optimal cleaning results in professional kitchens

Dr. Weigert offers optimal designs for:

  • process-oriented analysis and weak point determination
  • central and distributed systems for the metering and controlling of cleaners and disinfectants
  • weigomatic DOS manager and weigomatic Data Management for the collection and transmission of important operating and process data
  • weigomatic IntelliDos - a variable control to meet requirements for the dosing of cleaners in dishwashers. The cleaner concentration setting is appropriately and individually adjusted for breakfast, midday and evening dishes
  • weigomatic SE Direct Spray System is a further example of intelligent dosing technology: it guarantees that kitchenware will always be free of residue without time-consuming pre-soaking
  • professional solutions for all requirements in ambient hygiene: mobile and fixed systems for high and low pressure applications as well as mixing equipment
  • Certified according to the following standard: Specialists in accordance with § 19 I German Water Act (WHG)
Central dosing units

Central dosing units have proved to be satisfactory for the supply of larger washing installations with several washers. The installation of the systems can be independent of the location of the dishwashers.

The use of large storage tanks makes application not only more economical, but also particularly user-friendly in respect of industrial safety. Awkward “handling” with cans and small tanks is eliminated; dosing is effected in closed systems! We will design the optimal dosing unit to suit your needs!

weigomatic DOS Manager

Combined dispensing and monitoring system for adjusting the dosage of cleaners and rinse aids in a dishwasher.

The integrated memory unit permits the continuous collection of specific operational data, e.g. quantities consumed and periods of operation – which can be clearly evaluated and documented via a PC.

The early recognition of disruption secures economy in operation and optimal safety of the process.

weigomatic ZDA II / weigomatic ZDA III

Compact dosing unit for supplying a dishwasher with cleaners and rinse aids from a central location.

The system can be installed without reference to the location of the dishwashers.

weigomatic Drumtainer

The weigomatic® Drumtainer is a transportation and storage system for drums and the
ideal solution for easy handling when it comes to changing and storing drums at the dosing
station, meaning a drain tub is no longer needed in the dosing room.

The drum itself remains in the weigomatic® Drumtainer the whole time it is in use, and the Drumtainer is
also approved as a drain tub.* Thanks to its four wheels, the weigomatic® Drumtainer is
very manoeuvrable, making lifting or transferring drums a thing of the past. Storage and
transportation are also easy and safe, without the need for any pallet jacks or forklifts. The
tilted base enables you to use every last drop in the drum. Coloured lids prevent product
mix-ups, while the external labels and safety notices also aid easy identification 

weigomatic SE

System for the intensive cleaning of dishes in belt and basket transport dishwashers by spraying highly concentrated detergent solutions directly onto the tableware.

Starch-containing residues and other stubborn deposits such as tea and coffee residues are removed quickly and completely - for gleaming and clean tableware all times.

weigomatic compact SMART

The weigomatic compact SMART dosing system is the innovative answer to the question of how to cost-effectively and efficiently clean items in dishwashers. The use of Dr. Weigert’s cartridge system enables a detergent, a cleaning additive and a rinse aid to be perfectly dosed in parallel. EU Ecolabel products and those exempt from hazard labelling requirements can be selected. Optional cleaning additives provide time-controlled and thus need-based additional power.

weigomatic compact SMART


weigomatic concept

Standard dosing system for supplying a single dishwasher with liquid detergents and rinse aids, for washers of all sizes.

Depending on the application, the weigomatic® Concept peristaltic dosing pumps and weigomatic® Concept conductivity controllers can be combined individually in the modular system.

Dosing is quantity-contolled but can optionally also be conductivity-controlled, if desired.

weigomatic Basic

Universally applicable hose pump for metering a liquid cleaning agent or rinsing aid in undercounter dishwashers, glasswashers and hood type dishwashers.

Easy to use and completely equipped with all necessary accessories like connecting cable, suction equipment, stainless steel inoculation inlet, four-metre long tubing and clamps.

Dosing technology and plant engineering - We offer the best mix!

Solutions and planning concepts
Dosing technology brochure 10.2018
(PDF - 1.253KB)

Mixing equipment

neomatik® SGW 1 / neomatik® SGW 2

Dosing equipment for cleaners and disinfectants, wall units. Two cleaning respectively disinfecting concentrates can be connected to one unit. Dosage via integrated metering pumps. Solutions can be taken directly from the outlet tap or sprayed with a spray lance. Mount in a central position on the wall. 10-metre long pressure hose makes it possible to carry out cleaning even in distant locations.

neomatik® SGW 1 (for one product)
neomatik® SGW 2 (for two products)

neomatik WSG 2

Stationary wall spray unit for the manufacturing and spraying of ready-for-use cleaner and disinfectant solutions. Two cleaning respectively disinfecting concentrates can be connected to one unit. Dosing via an injector, with spray gun, canister holder and 20 m pressure hose. Mount in a central position on the wall.

neomatik ZMW 1 compact / ZMW 4 compact

Mixing equipment for manufacturing of ready-for-use cleaner and disinfectant solutions, for filling directly into basins or buckets. One respectively four different cleaning or disinfecting concentrates can be connected to the equipment. For easier fitting use quick coupler. Mount in a central position on the wall.

neomatik® ZMW 1 compact (for one product)
neomatik® ZMW 4 compact (for four products)

neomatik HSG / neomatik HSG plus

Manual unit for foaming and spraying concentrates of cleaners resp. disinfectants as ready-for-use solutions, with direct connection to the water supply net. Contains 1.4 L.
neomatik® HSG plus for special demands.

Dosing systems

neomatik® pressure sprayer

  • For spraying diluted cleaner and disinfectant solutions.
  • Pressure is supplied via a pump handle.
  • Holds: 1.5 L.

neomatik® easyDOS

  • Hand pump fot the simple, safe and direct dosing of cleaner concentrates into open basins (e.g. buckets or sinks).
  • Precise adjustment of the dosing amount (10-30 ml)
  • simple wallmounting, without electrical and water connections.

Sprayer with extension

  • Sprayer with extension for convenient application of neodisher® CombiClean, neodisher® grill and
    caraform® special in diffi cult-to-reach areas. Direct connection to canister possible, no laborious decanting to spray bottles necessary.
  • For 0,75 L bottle Art.-No. 980205
  • For 2 L bottle Art.-No. 980206
  • For 5 and. 10 L canister Art.-No. 980207

Sprayer and atomiser

  • Sprayer for neodisher® shine, neodisher® CombiClean, neodisher® grill und neoform® K Spray Art.-No. 950007
  • Atomiser for neoblank® Art.-No. 950002

Dosing accessories

  • For dosing of caraform® universal, caraform® citro, caraform® nova, caraform® special und neoform® CM dis
  • For dosing from the 1 L bottle, Stroke 5 - 20 ml Art.-No. 950025
  • For dosing from 2 L bottle, Stroke 20 ml Art.-No. 920431

Pressure Dispenser and Canister Pumps

  • For triformin HR,  triformin wash,  triformin decon, triformin safeDIS, weigoman parfümfrei, 1-L-Flasche | Art.-No. 980200
  • For triformin HR,  triformin wash,  triformin decon, triformin safeDIS, weigoman parfümfrei, 0,5-L-Flasche | Art.-No.980203
  • For triformin protect, triformin care, 0,5-L-Flasche | Art.-No. 980202

Dosing and Measuring Beakers

  • 500 ml dosing beaker, graduated Art.-No. 980106
  • 1000 ml dosing beaker, graduated Art.-No. 980100

Personal Protective Clothing

  • Protective gloves Art.-No. 988005
  • Protective goggles Art.-No. 988006
  • Eye-wash bottle Art.-No. 988007
  • Storage box for personal protection clothing Art.-No. 988008

triformin dispenser

  • For dispensing the triformin® products for hand hygiene and care.
  • Washer-proof and autoclavable; removable stainless steel pump:
    triformin® dispenser 1.0 gold for dosing from 1 L bottles Art.-No. 981051
    triformin® dispenser 0.5 gold for dosing from 500 ml bottles Art.-No. 981021
  • Washer-proof and autoclavable:
    triformin® dispenser 1.0 silver for dosing from 1 L bottles Art.-No. 981052
    triformin® dispenser 0.5 silver for dosing from 500 ml bottles Art.-No. 981022
  • triformin® dispenser 1.0 basic for dosing from 1 L bottles Art.-No. 981053
  • triformin® dispenser 0.5 basic for dosing from 500 ml bottles Art.-No. 981023

Dosing and Application Ancillaries for Canisters and Drums

  • Plastic key for the easy opening of canisters and drums Art.-No. 981007
  • Aluminium key for the easy opening of drums Art.-No. 981005
  • Canister pump for 5 L, 10 L and 12 kg canisters (30 ml stroke) Art.-No. 980701
  • Canister pump for 20 L, 20 kg and 25 kg canisters (30 ml stroke) Art.-No. 980700
  • Hand lever pump for drums Art.-No. 980308
  • Outlet tap for 5 L, 10 L and 12 kg canisters Art.-No. 980004
  • Outlet tap for 20 L, 20 kg and 25 kg canisters Art.-No. 980003
  • Outlet tap for drums Art.-No. 980002
  • Screw spout for 5 L-, 10 L and 12 kg canisters Art.-No. 981011
  • Screw spout for 20 L and 20 kg- bis 25 kg canisters Art.-No. 981010
  • Drum funnel Art.-No. 980311
  • Drum wedge, for optimal draining of drums by tilting Art.-No. 980312
  • Drum trolley Art.-No. 980310
  • Collecting pan for two drums, with forklift bags Art.-No. D076390
  • Collecting pan for two drums, without forklift bags Art.-No. D076392
  • More collecting pans in different designs available on request

System Solutions

Our competence encompasses all elements of a hygiene concept from requirement analysis to implementation and quality assurance. Suited to your specific requirements we take care of the practice-oriented implementation.

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