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Practical hygiene concepts

Our expertise covers all aspects of a hygiene concept from the requirements analysis through implementation to quality assurance. In line with your specific needs, we ensure practical execution and regular review of procedures. Our system service team delivers this.

1. On-site hygiene analysis

2. Developing and highlighting potential for improvement

3. Planning and implementing individual solutions

4. Continuous support and improvement

Intensive Support

At Dr. Weigert, systematic service means implementing cleaning and disinfection processes that remain safe and effective as well as providing regular support through our comprehensive service network.

Our employees are highly qualified and devise the optimum solution quickly and expertly – they are your point of contact on all aspects of hygiene. The extensive specialist expertise of our application engineers and microbiologists is also on hand as required.

Focusing on what matters

“Hygiene expertise from a single source” means that you can focus on your core tasks. With that in mind, take a closer look at the service elements of our hygiene concept.

Requirements analysis

BedarfsanalyseTo begin with, we record all key parameters of the cleaning and disinfection processes from the specific requirements to the local conditions, and check the current hygiene status by means of microbiological examinations, for example.

Concept development


Based on a situation analysis, we develop bespoke cleaning and disinfection concepts geared towards your requirements. We think of everything in the early stages: from the optimum process sequence through economically efficient product application to the right dosage.
This also includes:

  • Reviewing and assessing cleaning and disinfection procedures, determining optimisation potential.
  • Devising and reviewing cleaning and disinfection plans in coordination with the site management team.
  • Preparing work instructions, setting quality parameters.

All processes are implemented in line with the concept: dosages, application times, program sequences, temperatures, etc. Dr. Weigert also installs the dosing systems.

Support and advice

Betreuung und Beratung

Our employees are your point of contact for all questions and application areas:

  • Demonstration of correct and economically efficient product application on site.
  • Advice on safe handling and storage of cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Providing the appropriate product and safety documents for every kitchen and work area.
Regular service and quality assurance

Regelservice und Qualitätssicherung

For Dr. Weigert, regular service and maintenance work naturally comes as standard when supporting complex processes. Our employees are your point of contact for all questions and application areas:

  • Demonstration of correct and economically efficient product application on site and operation of dosing systems.
  • Review of cleaning and disinfection processes and dosing systems at regular intervals. The data obtained is documented on the basis of service checklists.
  • Reported faults are usually rectified within 24 hours.
  • Support on all application-related and microbiological matters from our service technicians and our application engineering and hygiene/microbiology specialists. This also includes chemical analysis and evaluation of various water grades, analysis and evaluation of discoloration and corrosion as well as recommendations for water treatment, program sequences and procedures.
  • We also conduct BIOCONTROL examinations to check the decontamination performance of washer disinfector for reprocessing surgical instruments or anaesthesia untensils as well as bedframes and trolleys.
  • We are available for hygiene quality reviews with the relevant employees of your company.
  • You receive extensive advice on safe handling and storage of cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • We prepare the appropriate product and safety documents for every work area for you.

Medical & Laboratory Technology

Hygiene in the medical sector

No other sector is as sensitive to hygiene matters as the medical sector. And this is the field in which Dr. Weigert is most committed to setting global standards for top hygiene.

Medical & Laboratory Technology

Kitchen Hygiene

Perfect kitchen hygiene

Hygiene plays an enormous role in professional kitchens. Whether it’s automated dishwashing systems or kitchen and staff hygiene, only a partner which shines with its high-performance products and provides the right expertise can assure safety.

Kitchen Hygiene

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food

A safe cleaning and disinfection of the production paths

Whether in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the dairy industry, the beverage and food industries - without a safe cleaning and disinfection of the production paths, high quality and durability are just as little achieved as compliance with regulatory requirements and legal provisions.

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food

Metering technology

Above all, Dr. Weigert’s metering and control technology offer outstanding economic efficiency and personnel protection. This applies to central metering systems with data capture through to metering aids and mixing equipment.

More details Dr. Weigert Metering technology
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