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Dr. Weigert – Systematic Hygiene
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Milk Processing

Dairy products are valuable food! To ensure the desired shelf life and the best possible product quality, a consistent cleaning and disinfection of all equipment is essential. The spectrum ranges from pipe and filling systems on tanks and separators to evaporators and membrane systems. This calls for perfect cleaning and disinfection concepts. To eliminate hygiene risks, the right products in the right quality are highly important in addition to a reproducible operation with documented procedures.

Dr. Weigert offers for each application a range of highly efficient products and processes.

Our tabular overview gives you a fast product orientation on application recommendations (PDF) for:

  • Milk collection
  • Raw milk processing
  • Butter and cheese production
  • Cream cheese / yogurt
  • Drying / evaporation
  • Bottle cleaning
  • External / Ambient Cleaning

System Solutions

Our competence encompasses all elements of a hygiene concept from requirement analysis to implementation and quality assurance. Suited to your specific requirements we take care of the practice-oriented implementation.

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Metering technology

Above all, Dr. Weigert’s metering and control technology offer outstanding economic efficiency and personnel protection. This applies to central metering systems with data capture through to metering aids and mixing equipment.

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