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Hygiene in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food Industry

Whether in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the dairy industry, the beverage and food industries - without a safe cleaning and disinfection of the production paths, high quality and durability are just as little achieved as compliance with regulatory requirements and legal provisions. Dr. Weigert is a specialist for these tasks in particular.

This is demonstrated by many pioneering achievements in the field of automated cleaning and disinfection: Innovative product lines in conjunction with the latest application and process technologies provide the necessary safety in the production of hygienically safe products.

In order to be able to offer our (potential) customers an even broader service range we present on the website together with our partner the gesa Hygiene Group the entire hygiene process, starting from the HACCP concept to cleaning and disinfection to pest control and the supply and exhaust air.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Our Experience for your Safety

We support pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers and biotechnology companies with our comprehensive product and service program neomoscan® in the implementation of national and international regulatory requirements such as the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) in terms of hygiene, safety and process documentation.


Brewing industry

The production of beer and the trendy beer mix drinks is carried out according to traditional processes in highly modern production facilities. As for the typical characteristics such as taste, appearance as well as foam characteristics and foam stability, efficient innovative and holistic hygiene concepts in all production and filling areas are indispensable.


Milk Processing

Dairy products are valuable food! To ensure the desired shelf life and the best possible product, quality, a consistent cleaning and disinfection of all equipment is essential. The spectrum ranges from pipe and filling systems on tanks and separators to evaporators and membrane systems. This calls for perfect cleaning and disinfection concepts.

Milk Production

Systematic Hygiene - Innovation by Tradition

In the 1920s, neomoscan® was the first liquid detergent and disinfecting agent based on active chlorine for the dairy industry. As a specialist for cleaning and disinfection in professional applications Dr. Weigert can look back on a large number of innovations and decades of experience.

Fish, Meat, Delicatessen Industry

Fish, Meat, Delicatessen Industry

Fish, meat and delicatessen products is highly perishable food. In their production, the hygiene risks are particularly high. "Open processing" and constant contact between the product and personnel imply high risks of infection. The realization of an all-over HACCP concept, sophisticated cleaning and disinfection plans and particularly effective measures to personal hygiene are essential.


Beverage Industry

The range of "traditional" non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juices, soft drinks and mineral waters is more and more enlarged by new products and "functional food" drinks. An increasing proportion of milk constituents, cereals and other additives makes the cleaning and disinfection of production and filling units more and more demanding and complicated.

Bakeries and patisseries

Bakeries and patisseries

Systematic hygiene – from tradition to innovation Hygiene safety is of paramount importance in the bakery and patisserie industry. Hygienically sensitive areas of bakeries and patisseries in particular require specialist expertise in cleaning and disinfection practices. You can put your trust in Dr. Weigert's systematic hygiene concept. Optimum cleaning results and maximum value for money are top priorities when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting transport crates, equipment and systems in production areas, delivery vehicles and shops.

System Solutions

Our competence encompasses all elements of a hygiene concept from requirement analysis to implementation and quality assurance. Suited to your specific requirements we take care of the practice-oriented implementation.

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Metering technology

Above all, Dr. Weigert’s metering and control technology offer outstanding economic efficiency and personnel protection. This applies to central metering systems with data capture through to metering aids and mixing equipment.

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