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Dosing Technology

Modern dosing systems with data capture for automatically supplying and monitoring washer-disinfectors are a prerequisite for safe process management, validation and permanently optimal cleaning results in instrument reprocessing or when cleaning laboratory glassware and utensils.

Dr. Weigert offers optimal designs for:

Central dosing units

Central dosing units supply multiple washer disinfectors (WD) with liquid process chemicals in larger washing units. The installation of the systems can take place irrespective of the location of the washer disinfector. The use of large containers makes application not only more economical, but also very user-friendly with regard to industrial safety. Awkward handling of canisters is eliminated and dosing takes place in closed systems! The modular weigomatic® principle combines individual solutions with an exceptional degree of flexibility and a wide range of retrofitting options. We will design the optimal dosing unit to suit your needs!

Brochure Central dosing units

weigomatic data management

weigomatic data management integrates important quality aspects into the cleaning and disinfection process.

All relevant data such as running times of washer disinfectors and amounts of water and detergents/disinfectants used are continually recorded and documented via the data storage unit. This data can then be clearly displayed on a computer
or the touch panel, can be viewed and evaluated from the desktop, and analysed or assessed locally or on the Internet.

This guarantees the highest degree of efficiency and early error and fault detection – a must for all validated processes and for optimised process

weigomatic DOS Manager

weigomatic® DOS manager is a combined dispensing and monitoring system for managing the dosage of liquid process chemicals via weigomatic® buffer tanks in washer disinfectors. The integrated memory unit permits the continuous collection of specific operational data, such as quantities used and periods of operation – which can be clearly evaluated and documented on a computer. Early fault detection ensures cost-effective operation and excellent process reliability.

weigomatic identSYSTEM

The system enables automatic touchless product identification which prevents mix-ups.  Therefore, the system not only ensures intuitive handling when changing product containers but first and foremost guarantees an absolutely reliable start of a successful cleaning and disinfection process. The operating principle is ingeniously simple and is based on the consistent use of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). 

Containers fitted with weigomatic® RFID transponder are individually coded. The transmitted signal is read by a receiver fitted on the dosing station. This ensures that the correct process chemical is used. The automatic dosing of process chemicals is activated and all quality-relevant data and parameters which are important for the cleaning process are recorded, such as e.g. time and cycle of the container exchange as well as batch number and use-by-date of the process chemical.

weigomatic system ALPHA

The component dosing system specially developed to dose highly concentrated process chemicals for optimised automated instrument reprocessing. The individual dosing of the two process chemicals neodisher® SystemAct and neodisher® 

SystemClean revolutionises  the cleaning process. Innovative space-saving dosing technology with maximum process safety and an optimised cleaning step at once. Optionally, the rinse aid neodisher® SystemRinse can be dosed as a third component. The system is fitted with RFID technology. 

Brochure weigomatic system ALPHA

weigomatic Drumtainer

The weigomatic Drumtainer is a transportation and storage system for drums and the
ideal solution for easy handling when it comes to changing and storing drums at the dosing
station, meaning a drain tub is no longer needed in the dosing room.

The drum itself remains in the weigomatic Drumtainer the whole time it is in use, and the Drumtainer is
also approved as a drain tub.* Thanks to its four wheels, the weigomatic® Drumtainer is
very manoeuvrable, making lifting or transferring drums a thing of the past. Storage and
transportation are also easy and safe, without the need for any pallet jacks or forklifts. The
tilted base enables you to use every last drop in the drum. Coloured lids prevent product
mix-ups, while the external labels and safety notices also aid easy identification

weigomatic endoDOS

The weigomatic® endoDOS system offers an absolutely safe, impeccably hygienic and economical dosing method when using one or more washer disinfectors for flexible endoscopes (WD-Es). The process chemicals are dosed via compact weigomatic® buffer tanks which guarantee a continuous supply of the WD-Es and ensure that no air can be sucked into the dosing lines. As a result, it is possible to drain all remaining detergents and disinfectants from the container without any interruptions to dosing, and also means no more decanting of residual amounts. This procedure guarantees optimum personnel safety and a lower environmental impact. Various canister and dosing lance shapes prevent a mix-up of process chemicals. By supplying the weigomatic® buffer tanks via a central dosing station, a clear interface is created between the dosing unit and the WD-Es as a medical device.

Brochure weigomatic endoDOS


neomatik mediDOS

The microprocessor-controlled dosing device serves to produce ready-to-use detergent and disinfectant solutions from liquid concentrates for manual application. The mixing device with a robust stainless steel casing for wall mounting can be easily operated and features an automatic switch-off in the case of product depletion as well as fill level monitoring. 

neomatik® mediDOS complies with the RKI recommendations for decentralised disinfectant dosing devices.*

*Requirements concerning design, properties and operation of decentralised disinfectant dosing devices, Bundesgesundheitsbl - Gesundheitsforsch - Gesundheitsschutz 2004 · 47:67–72

Dosing technology and plant engineering - We offer the best mix!

Solutions and planning concepts
Dosing technology brochure 10.2018
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Dosing Equipment for Disinfectants

To produce ready-to-use solutions of cleaners and disinfectants from concentrates, we offer mixing equipment:

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

neomatik SGW 2 / SGW 1

Mixing equipment for the manufacturing and spraying of ready-to-use cleaner and disinfectant solutions

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Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

neomatik WSG 2

Stationary wall spray unit for the manufacturing and spraying of ready-to-use cleaner and disinfectant solutions

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Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

neomatik ZMW 1 / ZMW 3

Mixing equipment for the manufacturing of ready-to-use cleaner and disinfectant solutions

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Dosing ancillaries

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System


  • Sprayer for neoform® Rapid and neoform® MED rapid
    Art.-No.: 950007
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Presswised dispensers and canister pumps

  • Presswised dispensers for 1 l bottles triformin® wash and triformin® wash pure
    Art.-No. 9802 00 
  • Presswised dispensers for 0.5 l bottles triformin® wash and triformin® wash pure
    Art.-No. 9802 03
  • Presswised dispensers for 0.5 l bottles triformin® care and triformin® protect
    Art.-No. 9802 02
  • Canister pump for 5 L, 10 L and 12 kg canisters (30 ml stroke)
    Art.-No. 980701
  • Canister pump for 20 L, 20 kg and 25 kg canisters (30 ml stroke)
    Art.-No. 980700
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Dosing and measuring beakers

  • Dosing spoon, 34 ml 
    Art.-No. 950010
  • 500 ml measuring beaker, graduated
    Art.-No. 980106
  • 1,000 ml measuring beaker, graduated
    Art.-No. 980100
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Outlet tap

  • Outlet tap for 5 L, 10 L and 12 kg canisters
    Art.-No. 980004
  • Outlet tap for 20 L, 20 kg and 25 kg canisters
    Art.-No. 980003
  • Outlet tap for drums
    Art.-No. 980002
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

neodisher® OXIVARIO outlet tap

  • for the connection of neodisher® OXIVARIO (5 L canisters) to Miele washer-disinfectors
    Art.-No. 981012
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Canister and Drum key

  • Canister and Drum key
    Art.-No.: 981007
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Dosing and application ancillaries for drums

  • Drum funnel
    Art.-No. 980311
  • Hand lever pump for drums
    Art.-No. 980308 and Art.-No.: 980309
  •  Drum wedge, for optimal draining of drums by tilting
    Art.-No. 980312
  • Drum trolley
    Art.-No. 980310
  • Drain tub for two drums
    Art.-No: 076390
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Personal protective clothing

  • Protective gloves
    Art.-No. 988005
  • Protective goggles
    Art.-No. 988006
  • Storage box for personal protective equipment
    Art.-No.: 988008

System Solutions

Our competence encompasses all elements of a hygiene concept from requirement analysis to implementation and quality assurance. Suited to your specific requirements we take care of the practice-oriented implementation.

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