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Correct hand disinfection ensures vital protection

For preventing transmission of infection, it is important to break the chain of infection. One of the most important prophylactic measures is hygienic hand disinfection in order to protect patients and staff.
Everybody contributes to preventing infection. This means that everybody is responsible for carrying out hand disinfection in such a way that a risk of manually transmitting pathogens is impossible. The method of hygienic hand disinfection in accordance with EN 1500 shows the most effective way to disinfect the hands.

Apply disinfectant onto the dry hands and rub it into the hands and wrists, making sure that the skin is thoroughly wetted. It is important that all surfaces of the hands are disinfected. When the six steps are complete, repeat the individual steps until the prescribed contact time has been reached. If necessary, apply the disinfectant repeatedly; the hands must be kept wet for the entire duration of disinfecting.

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