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With new energy into the future - with us and for you

With new energy into the future - with us and for you
Is there any good news in these stressful times? Yes, of course - we at Dr. Weigert have switched completely to green electricity, which means that this year this switch will save around 720 tonnes of carbon dioxide. To put the dimensions into perspective: The combustion of 1 L of gasoline/petrol causes about 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The introduction of green electricity at Dr. Weigert thus saves the same amount of carbon dioxide that would be produced by burning 313,000 L of gasoline/petrol. By avoiding these carbon dioxide emissions, Dr. Weigert Hamburg is climate neutral in terms of calculated electricity consumption. But we all know that the best energy is that which can be saved. And we are also pushing ahead with new projects in this area. To take just one example, the ongoing switch of regular lighting to LED lights at Dr. Weigert has resulted in an 18 MWh reduction in electricity consumption in 2019.

Since we know from our customers how important it is to them to use natural resources responsibly and to deal with the issue of sustainability, we look forward to a further intensive exchange on these topics: What have we already improved, what further challenges do we face, what solutions are promising, how can we sustainably combine economy and ecology, as well as hygiene and ecology. Your confidence in our work encourages us to communicate and discuss these matters more intensively. Because if the Corona crisis has taught us one thing - despite all the justified controversies - it is that we will only be able to meet the challenges together.

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