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World Wide Weigert

World Wide Weigert – Relaunch of the Dr. Weigert website

After several months of intensive development work we are pleased to present the completely redesigned website "". In a modification of the company's motto of the founder Dr. Walter Weigert you might say: "The important thing is not that we have a website but the advantages our customers can derive from it " These include: - A new clear design while largely retaining the proven navigation structure - New visual elements, such as pictograms and photos to introduce more intuitive orientation - A target group-oriented page layout for quick access - More information presented in a clear way - Various navigation possibilities for quick targeting - An improved global search function and a number of special search functions to find e.g. certain products - Responsive Design for optimal use and display on all devices - from the mobile phone, via the tablet to your laptop or PC screen However, the project is by no means complete. Versions in different languages and for different countries of the Dr. Weigert website are also waiting to be relaunched. We also understand the site not as a closed structure but as a communication platform which presents new developments, ideas and products and which is constantly evolving through the dialogue with our (prospective) customers. Therefore we are looking forward not only to your online visit but also to your feedback.

Dr. Weigert - Newsletter

In endoNEWS INTERNATIONAL, we inform you once a year about topics related to endoscope reprocessing.