neodisher endo SEPT GA

Disinfectant, liquid concentrate

  • Based on glutaraldehyde
  • bactericidal
  • mycobactericidal
  • fungicidal
  • virucidal
  • in the process with neodisher endo Clean also active against spores (incl. Clostridium difficile)

For the disinfection of flexible endoscopes in washer disinfectors for flexible endoscopes. Particularly user-friendly due to its low-odour formulation. Excellent material compatibility; suitable for endoscopes of all leading manufacturers. Free of formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds. Included in the IHO[2] disinfectant list The products neodisher endo® CLEAN and neodisher endo® SEPT GA are perfectly matched: A possible carrying over of neodisher endo® CLEAN solution into the disinfection cycle has no negative impact on the disinfection performance of neodisher endo® SEPT GA. The automated reprocessing process with neodisher endo® CLEAN and neodisher endo® SEPT GA fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 15883-4 in regard to a total germ reduction of > 9 log 10 in the entire process.

  1. [1] Industrieverband Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz (Industry Association Surface Protection and Hygiene)
Virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, limited spectrum virucidal activity and virucidal activity; also including effectiveness against coronavirus.
Container Content Item no.
Drum 200 kg 4071 13
Canister 20 L 4071 26
Canister 10 L 4071 30
Canister 5 L 4071 33

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