neomoscan Sepa

Alkaline detergent for the food industry, liquid concentrate

    neomoscan Sepa is used for the CIP and other automated cleaning processes in the food industry. Preferred fields of application are in breweries, the cleaning of brewing and shake-out vessels, whirlpools, plate coolers, wort and beer pipes as well as in periodic basic cleaning of brewing, storage and pressure tanks. Plate heaters, tanks, pipe systems, clarifying separators and wire gauze diatomite filters are cleaned using neomoscan Sepa in fruit wine and fruit juice companies and in wine cellars. neomoscan Sepa has proven itself many times in difficult cleaning tasks in the food industry, e.g. in removing coffee residues in the manufacturing of coffee extract, fruit and colour residues in the jam industry as well as in cleaning containers in the fish industry. neomoscan Sepa is suitable for surfaces made of stainless steel, alkali-resistant plastics, copper, brass, glass, enamel and rubber. neomoscan Sepa is not suitable for use on surfaces made of aluminium and aluminium alloys. For these we recommend using products from the neomoscan RD range.

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      ContainerContentItem no.
      Drum250 kg 2100 13
      Canister24 kg 2100 26

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