neodisher neomoscan

neomoscan TE-S 150

Alkaline detergent and disinfectant

  • Active substances in 100 g: 2.5 g sodium hypochlorite

neomoscan TE-S 150 is an alkaline, active chlorine containing detergent and disinfectant for combined cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, such as walls and floors, containers, working equipment, surfaces, exterior surfaces of production and filling plants and transport facilities as well as for general industrial cleaning and disinfection.

  1. * Desinfektionsmittel vorsichtig verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Etikett und Produktinformation lesen.
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Container Content Item no.
Container 1000 L 1217 03
Container 640 L 1217 09
Drum 220 L 1217 13
Canister 20 L 1217 26

Safety Data Sheet


Product Data Sheet


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