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weigomatic compact SMART

The weigomatic compact SMART dosing system is the innovative answer to the question of how to cost-effectively and efficiently clean items in dishwashers. The use of Dr. Weigert’s cartridge system enables a detergent, a cleaning additive and a rinse aid to be perfectly dosed in parallel. EU Ecolabel products and those exempt from hazard labelling requirements can be selected. Optional cleaning additives provide time-controlled and thus need-based additional power.

Not a Machine – a Whole Concept

Optimal interaction of all system components:

  • First-class dosing and control technology
  • High-quality cleaning products
  • Top consulting
  • Competent service
  • Personal training
Top Cleaning Performance:

  • Proven to have the best washing performance with top results
  • Time-controlled intense cleaning of particularly stubborn stains, e.g. starch, tea and coffee residues
  • Optional additives to boost cleaning and defoam
  • The cartridge system works using highly concentrated detergents, so less consumption
Modular Design:

  • The module system provides maximum flexibility upon installation of the dosing system
  • An additive module is available if needed and can be added later on
Practical and Easy to Fill:

  • Optimal protection of personnel – no heavy lifting
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • Light cartridges and rinse aid / additive bottles with practical handles enable containers to be readily exchanged without the risk of mix-ups
  • Closed sytem – no contact with product
EU Ecolabel Products:

  • Dr. Weigert’s proven high performance and 100% environmentally friendly
Functional and Attractive Design:

  • Shape of design prevents soiling
  • Hygienic design – easy cleaning and care
  • Rounded shaping with no corners or edges
  • Attractive blend of design and function
  • Compact design – dosing and control components not split up
  • State of the art: on par with all modern commercial dishwashers
First-Class Product Portfolio:

  • You can find the right products for all cleaning challenges in the extensive neodisher range
  • Highly concentrated detergents, e.g. to remove starch residue, and special rinse aids, e.g. for improved drying of plastics, and much more
  • Detergents and rinse aids exempt from hazard labelling requirements
Data Management and Control Technology:

  • Ensures simple and smooth operation
  • Permanent monitoring of operation and service performance
  • Recording of temperature and water consumption if needed
  • Optimised dosing through integrated conductivity control

  • Minimal space required thanks to innovative and compact construction
  • Easy, space-saving storage of cartridges

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