neodisher neomoscan
  • neodisher LM 2

    For the cleaning of surgical instruments, laboratory glassware as well as animal…

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  • neodisher MediClean

    Excellent cleaning performance with perfect material compatibility which is…

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  • neodisher MediClean advanced

    Reliably removes residues of dried and denatured blood, protein, fat, mucus,…

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  • neodisher MediClean forte

    Excellent material compatibility, universally applicable. Residues of dried and…

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  • neodisher MultiZym

    Excellent cleaning performance due to multi-enzymatic formula. Active…

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  • neodisher Septo Plus

    For the manual cleaning and disinfection as well as for the disinfecting…

    Virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, limited spectrum virucidal activity and virucidal activity; also including effectiveness against coronavirus.

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