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Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Product Innovation

Identifying needs at an early stage is what Dr. Weigert excels at.

Our products are refined and optimised in the context of close dialogue between our customers, the users in the CSSD and our research department. Identifying customers’ wishes and special requirements at an early stage is one of the key skills of our neodisher® specialist advisors.

Systematic hygiene.

There are very few sectors that are as sensitive to hygiene matters as the medical sector. Together with partners from industry and the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), Dr. Weigert has continuously refined the reprocessing procedures for medical instruments.

It is no coincidence that Dr. Weigert has been the market leader for several decades when it comes to innovative reprocessing and application processes that are simple, safe, economical and environmentally friendly while preserving materials and thus retaining value.

Close cooperation with those involved in the reprocessing process, together with their experience, formed the basis for our latest innovation in automated instrument reprocessing, which combines the following properties:

  • High concentration with particularly strong cleaning performance so that only a small amount of product needs to be used
  • Makes instruments sparkle and shine
  • Removes dull deposits, ensuring that instruments maintain an optimum look and feel over the long term
  • Sustainable, as it conserves resources
  • Excellent material compatibility and thus preserves materials

Find out on the following pages how you too can benefit from the innovative qualities of neodisher® MediClean advanced.

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

A Head Start Ensures Safety.

neodisher® MediClean advanced represents a new level of performance in automated instrument reprocessing. Outstanding cleaning results have been documented in numerous field tests.

Concentrated and efficient.

The particularly strong cleaning performance of the highly concentrated product has been confirmed in numerous tests.

Brilliance in every detail.

The instruments don’t just have a superficial shine – when they are inspected under a microscope, it becomes clear how well the highly concentrated product cleans while preserving materials.

Impressive look and feel.

Field tests have shown that improved removal of dull deposits restores an optimum look and feel to instruments, which can then be maintained over the long term.

Because less is more.

As less of the product is consumed, logistics  in particular can be organised in a more sustainable way.

More value for money.

There is also a strong economic argument for maximum hygiene while simultaneously preserving materials.

Optimized workflow.

The high concentration means we can make everyday work significantly easier for your staff. With fewer canister changes, they will be under less pressure.

Exceptional Performance & Sparkling Results with neodisher® MediClean advanced.

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

Instruments with dried residues of protein and blood


Instruments reprocessed with neodisher® MediClean advanced

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

We take customer proximity literally!

Only when the quality of our innovations has proved itself in practice on a lasting basis will our product developers have fulfilled their aim.

Medical instruments and accessories must be reprocessed efficiently and cost-effectively. As a specialist in hygiene solutions for the reprocessing of medical devices, Dr. Weigert knows the various requirements and difficulties associated with the various types of contaminants in individual medical fields.

Intensive discussions with all those responsible for the relevant processes, coupled with our many years of experience, help us to continuously refine and optimise our products and processes. For every challenge, we’ll find the right solution for you – from pre-treatment to cleaning and care of instruments. That means we can guarantee you top-quality results while retaining the value of materials.

If you have any further questions about introducing neodisher® MediClean advanced in your hospital environment and under your individual conditions, please contact your neodisher® specialist advisors.

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

“I was really impressed by the test with neodisher® MediClean advanced. The instruments are sparkling, and even dried residues were removed using the lowest concentration of the product.”

Sven Weingarte, CSSD, Klinikum Magdeburg

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

neodisher® MediClean advanced – the innovation in the reprocessing of medical devices.

neodisher® MediClean advanced

The innovative, highly concentrated cleaner combines outstanding cleaning performance with maximum efficiency for optimum cost-effectiveness.

  • For automated cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments, including MIS and micro instruments, dental instruments, anaesthesia equipment, containers and other medical technology equipment
  • For manual cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments in immersion or ultrasound baths
  • Suitable for manual and automated cleaning of da Vinci EndoWrist instruments and other instruments used in robot-assisted surgery

220 kg drum
4130 13

20 L canister
4130 26

10 L canister
4130 30

5 L canister
4130 35****

5 L canister
4130 33****

6 x 2 L bottle
4130 41

The principle behind its success:

  • Minimised dosing quantity
  • Removes dull deposits, ensuring that instruments maintain an optimum look and feel over the long term
  • Makes instruments sparkle and shine
  • Reduction in biofilms has been tested and confirmed in accordance with ISO/TS 15883-5:2005

Application recommendation:

Automated cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments
1 – 3 ml/l (0.1 – 0.3%)* 40 – 60 °C 5 – 15 min**

 Automated cleaning of containers made of anodised aluminium
1 – 2 ml/l (0.1 – 0.2%)* 40 – 50 °C 3 – 5 min**

Automated cleaning of instruments for robot-assisted surgery
2 – 3 ml/l (0.2 – 0.3%)* 40 – 60 °C 10 – 30 min***

Manual cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments in immersion and ultrasound baths
1 – 10 ml/l (0.1 – 1%)* 5 – 30 min**

Manual cleaning of instruments for robot-assisted surgery in immersion and ultrasound baths
5 – 10 ml/l (0.5 – 1%)* 5 – 30 min**/***

Our Competence – Your benefit:

Highly concentrated Maximum efficiency with minimised dosing quantity

Reliably removes residues of dried and denatured blood, protein, fat, mucus, secretions and bone dust First-rate cleaning performance owing to the unique formula, based on alkalinity donors, tensides, complexing agents and enzymes

Excellent preservation of materials Suitable for instruments, optical systems and instruments made of stainless steel (e.g. 1.4301), instrument steel (e.g. 1.4034), titanium, glass, ceramic, plastics that can be reprocessed, materials used in anaesthesia equipment and anodised aluminium

Early dosing of the cleaner possible in cold water (immediately after water intake) Low-foaming action, which prevents the need for programme terminations

* The dosing quantity depends on the degree of soiling
** Exposure times depend on the water quality, the degree of soiling and the mechanics of cleaning
*** The reprocessing recommendations of the medical device manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17664 and the procedure tests must be observed
**** Article 413033 is intended for all automated processes, while article 413035 is suitable for the canister console for dosing units for disinfectants such as neomatik® mediDOS

Yes, I am interested in the products of Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert GmbH & Co. KG and would like to be contacted by a specialist consultant.

Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System
Dr. Weigert - Hygiene mit System

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